Broken (#2)

Book two in the Disappeared series, Broken, is now available on your favorite e-retailer! Jane Austen meets Narnia in this clean historical fiction romance with a fantasy twist.

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From the author of the romantic and thrilling novella Imperfect, the incredible saga continues.

England, 1813. Lady Theodosia has stumbled into another universe — a mythical forest paradise. Valiant Ahuil has captured her heart but dark forces are quickly closing in. The half-beings are taking form and the ruins of their former civilization are rebuilding into dramatic cities that threaten to wipe out the Nextic people forever.

Torn between staying for Ahuil and dying and returning to a life without freedom or love, Theodosia is forced to choose her destiny. And as they run out of time, Theodosia must find the courage to try to save the Nextic — a power only she holds — and to convince Ahuil that the only option left to them … the one he could never accept … is worth it to save their timeless love.


2 thoughts on “Broken (#2)

  1. Aurora says:

    Hi,Alannah, I just finished your new book (The Counterfeitter-Catching Cat) I really enjoyed this book greatly. It was humerous and it kept me reading till the end. The cats was a good act to the story. Hope you have another of this book coming out.


  2. bronwynkienapple says:

    Hi Aurora! I see that you found me out and saw through my pen name. 🙂 I’m so glad that you enjoyed the book, thanks so much for taking the time to write to me! I really appreciate it. And yes, there will be another book within the next month or two. By the way, I’m always needing Amazon reviews so if you feel like it, could you drop me a review on the book page? (Even something super short helps :))


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